The Trees

Utopia uses both adjustable plastic trees and traditional wooden trees in their saddles. This gives the customer excellent choice and flexibility. Something that is not offered by many other saddle manufacturer’s in the UK.
Why offer a choice?
Wooden verses plastic.
The wooden tree’s used in Utopia saddles are manufactured by Eurotrees. They incorporate a traditional manufacturing process with new technology and design as they strive to produce the very best product available.
Eurotrees use both traditional saddle tree manufacture with new advances such as use of the CAD (Computer Aided Design) machine which check’s the trees are perfectly level. This ensures all trees are symmetrical and consistent.
The wooden trees are ‘scrimmed’, which is an age-old manufacturing method to make them stronger.
The adjustable tree’s Utopia offer are made of plastic to give them flexibility but are sprung like a traditional wooden tree and reinforced with metal to give them strength. These trees are designed so that the width fitting can easily be adjusted on site in minutes to a pre-determined width by changing the gullet bar. Adjusting the width of a wooden tree can be risky as there is less control over how little or how much the width is changed. If done badly the tree may become un-level.